Letter to Brea

Letter to Brea

Dear Brea,

I write to you to humbly ask for your vote this fall as one of your city council members. As an eighteen-year Brea resident, I would like to bring my skills and perspective to the service of the community through this role. I am a product of the Brea education system (Arovista through BOHS), and received my Eagle Scout Award from Brea Troop 801. I have experienced the best of what Brea has to offer, and I am committed to seeing Brea be in a position to continue offering the best to those who come after me.

As your council member I would work to increase our attainable housing stock in a way that respects the vision of the community and welcomes back family members of long term residents; to push for smart budget practices that improve city service efficiency and quality, without overburdening future generations with untenable debt; and I would like to develop additional civic and community engagement opportunities, which will help encourage resident commitment to community projects. 

I love Brea and I appreciate what this community has provided for my family, my friends, and me. I want to ensure that the growth of our community meets the Brean vision for the future. I believe, as a son of Brea, I can bring that vision to realization as your councilman. Brea is home.


Blake Perez